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There's a new breed of dog collar

Fi Smart Collar (Series 2) Review: Is it Worth It?

A few months ago, my wife and I expanded our family by adding a dog. And while I've already shared some of the expenses we've incurred since bringing Rigby home, I wanted to go more into detail about one item we purchased for her: a Fi Smart Collar. This is...
apartment buildings

4 Ways to Save Money on Rent — Without Moving

For months, one of the biggest stories in the country — let alone finance stories — has been the rate of inflation. Due to a number of factors, Americans have seen everything from their grocery bills to their gas pump totals rise. Similarly, many renters have experienced hikes on their...
perpared meal delivery service steak dinner with apragus and tomatoes

Meal Delivery Services: Pros, Cons, and Comparisons

Sometimes a simple idea can really take off, leading others to put their own twist on it and flood the market. That's pretty much exactly what's happened with meal delivery services — also known as meal kit subscriptions. These plans allow you to select from a list of recipe options...
working on a laptop

6 Tips for Saving Money When Buying Electronics

There's no doubt that technology and electronics play a bigger role in our lives now more than ever before. Because of this, many of us find ourselves in the market for new tech on a fairly frequent basis. Whether it's a new phone, computer, tablet, camera, smartwatch, drone, or whatever...
online banking

Save Money on Bank Fees with These Online-Only Banks

It’s no secret that many Americans have a complicated relationship with banks. In many ways, they may just seem like a necessary evil people put up with for convenience's sake. As a result, consumers tend to grin and bear it with the various fees they’re charged on a monthly basis....
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Is it Worth Opening a Credit Card Just For the Bonus?

Over the past several years, my interest in credit card rewards has grown tremendously. As this has happened, I've also backtracked on a couple of positions I held earlier on. A key example of this evolution is how I went from thinking I'd never want a credit card that charged...
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Starbucks for Life logo

The Starbucks For Life Game is Back - How to Get Free Plays

Folks, it is time for yet another Starbucks promotional game. From now through December 31st, customers have a chance to win Starbucks for life via the game called, uh, Starbucks For Life. And, like other Starbucks promotions in this vein (such as the Summer Game or Bingo), you don't actually...
illustration of how to donate travel rewards to charities

Travel Tuesday: Donating Your Travel Currency on Giving Tuesday

Lest you think we're done with the retail holidays, today marks another — albeit quite different — one: Giving Tuesday. For those unaware, this is the day that emphasizes charitable donations over retail purchases. Incidentally, while travelers and credit card customers may earn various loyalty points and miles from their...
Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Deals 2023: Offers on Products I’ve Reviewed

Well, it’s Black Friday once again. And while I've had some harsh words about this "holiday" in the past, I've learned to embrace the online component of if as I tend to be able to score a discount on items I was planning to buy anyway. On that note, I've...
Sleeper Holder features

Travel Tuesday: Sleeper Hold Travel Pillow Review

Earlier this year, I shared how I had contributed to a Kickstarter campaign for a new travel product. Well, just a couple of months later, that item arrived at my door: the Sleeper Hold travel pillow. As luck would have it, soon after the pillow's arrival, I ended up taking...