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moving boxes

The Hassles of Moving: What We Did Right and What I'd Change Next Time

It's now been six full years since my wife and I moved to Springfield, Missouri — a place neither of us had been to before we decided to relocate. In that time, we've lived in just one apartment, which also happened to be the only apartment we viewed during our...
Moving boxes in empty room

Packing and Tossing: Decluttering as We Prepare to Move

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that my wife and I would be moving to a new apartment next month. While this move marks an upgrade for us, it's also a downsize as we'll be going to a one-bedroom unit from our current two-bedroom floorplan. Because of this, as...
apartment kitchen

My Moving Dilemma — Is it Still Downsizing if it Costs More?

Over the past several months, I'd imagine that most people have been spending a lot more time in their homes. In turn, I'd be willing to bet that little things that may have only slightly irked them about their abodes previously have since been upgraded to full-on annoyances. That's kind...
shoppers holding bags

10 Shopping Tools to Try This Holiday Season (and Every Day)

What’s that sound I hear? Could it be jingle bells? Nope, sorry — it’s just the sound of cash registers scanning away as the holiday shopping season is officially upon us. Given the current circumstances, fewer people are cruising around town looking for deals and are, instead, doing the majority...
modern minimilist bedroom

What I've Been Learning About Tidying and Minimalism

For the past few months, I've made it a point to review at least one book a month as part of my Money at 30 column on Dyer News. While I've enjoyed most of the books I've read for this effort, more often than not, I write my review and...

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping and Saving at Aldi

After shopping at Aldi for the past three years or so, it’s easy to see why this discount grocery chain is currently undergoing a sizable expansion. Thanks to some clever efficiency measures, great deals, and tasty private-label goods, Aldi has grown to become one of my favorite places to shop.
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Alaska Airlines plane

Travel Tuesday: Alaska Airlines is Offering a Status Match Challenge to Delta Elites

A few weeks back, Delta announced numerous changes impacting their most loyal customers. While I personally focused on the SkyClub entry rules and restrictions that are on the way, the adjustments made to the SkyMiles program were arguably even more disruptive. Not only did the airline move to a model...
Fellow Ode 2 Coffee Grinder

My Quick Review of the Fellow Ode 2 Coffee Grinder

A couple of weeks back, in my column on Fioney, I somewhat lamented a recent splurge purchase — not because I was necessarily upset with what I bought but what the process of doing so said about some of my personal finance failings. The item in question was the Fellow...

Should You Buy, Lease, or Finance Your Next Smartphone?

Remember a few years ago when you thought that friend of yours who always had the latest model iPhone was crazy for spending that much? That’s changed in recent years as carriers and others now allow you to essentially lease your device. Taking a page from the auto industry, you...
Bilt and Curve credit cards

Bilt Has Seemingly Shut Down Rewards on Curve Transactions

Ya know, some weeks I really struggle to find a quick tip post to share. And then there are weeks like this that are so overflowing with news that I don't even know where to start. So, since I trust you've already read about the big news regarding Delta SkyMiles...