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Splurge Smarter: What to Consider Before Spending Your Money

When it comes to saving money, so-called "splurging" may very well seem like the ultimate enemy. I assume that, when most people think of what it means to splurge, it mostly involves spending hard-earned money on foolish things you don't need thanks to some random impulse you have. While that...
shopping in a warehouse club store

Are Warehouse Clubs Worth it for Couples? The Pros and Cons

For as long as I can remember — including back when it was Price Club pre-merger — my dad has been a Costco devotee, filling our home with all things Kirkland. Therefore, I had plenty of first-hand experience with warehouse clubs and the products they offered. Of course, there's a...
front end of a new car

Purchasing a Vehicle: Buying New vs. Leasing. vs. Buying Used

Last year, for the first time since I was 20 years old, I purchased a new car. Well, more accurately, my wife and I bought a new to us car. Prior to landing on this decision, we considered different routes for replacing our aging sedan — including buying a truly new...

Frugal Valentine's Day Date Ideas to Save You Both Money

Ultimately what's important is making time to spend with your loved one and showing them how much you appreciate them. That said checkout these fun Valentine's Day ideas that won't break your wallet.

19 Practical Ways You Can Save Money in 2019

Amazingly, 2019 is nearly upon us. As you scramble to finish your holiday shopping and eventually stop to ponder your New Year's Resolutions, there's a good chance money will be on your mind a lot over the next few weeks. Moreover, you may be wondering how you can save money...

Tighten Your Budget: 5 Achievable Ways to Save More and Spend Less

Contrary to popular belief, a budget isn't really something you can just (to borrow a phrase from Mr. Popeil) set and forget. The truth is that, from time to time, it's worth reviewing your budget in its current form to see where you can make adjustments. More than just saving extra...
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Alaska Airlines plane

Travel Tuesday: Alaska Airlines is Offering a Status Match Challenge to Delta Elites

A few weeks back, Delta announced numerous changes impacting their most loyal customers. While I personally focused on the SkyClub entry rules and restrictions that are on the way, the adjustments made to the SkyMiles program were arguably even more disruptive. Not only did the airline move to a model...
Fellow Ode 2 Coffee Grinder

My Quick Review of the Fellow Ode 2 Coffee Grinder

A couple of weeks back, in my column on Fioney, I somewhat lamented a recent splurge purchase — not because I was necessarily upset with what I bought but what the process of doing so said about some of my personal finance failings. The item in question was the Fellow...

Should You Buy, Lease, or Finance Your Next Smartphone?

Remember a few years ago when you thought that friend of yours who always had the latest model iPhone was crazy for spending that much? That’s changed in recent years as carriers and others now allow you to essentially lease your device. Taking a page from the auto industry, you...
Bilt and Curve credit cards

Bilt Has Seemingly Shut Down Rewards on Curve Transactions

Ya know, some weeks I really struggle to find a quick tip post to share. And then there are weeks like this that are so overflowing with news that I don't even know where to start. So, since I trust you've already read about the big news regarding Delta SkyMiles...