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Baabuk Sky Woolers Sneekers

Travel Tuesday: Baabuk Review — A Comfy Travel Shoe Option?

When you think about packing your suitcase for a trip, what are the top items that come to mind? While toiletries, chargers, and wardrobe essentials are all likely candidates, I'd argue that shoes actually play an underrealized role in travel. After all, if you're like us, you probably do a...
inside a room at the Bellagio Las Vegas

Travel Tuesday: Bellagio Amex Fine Hotel & Resorts Booking Review

Welcome back to yet another Travel Tuesday and the continuation of my Las Vegas Content Bonanza™. For this installment, I'll be sharing my recent experience staying at one of the Strip's crown jewels: the Bellagio. With the property recently updating some of its rooms, I figured I'd finally stop in...
MyVegas app

Travel Tuesday: Redeeming My First MyVegas Reward IRL

Welcome back to another Travel Tuesday as I continue my Las Vegas Content Bonanza™. As we were waiting for our post-vaccination trip to begin last month, you may recall that I wrote a post detailing how I was living vicariously through a set of apps called MyVegas. You can check...
room at the Luxor

Travel Tuesday: Luxor Remodeled Pyramid Room (and Tower Room) Hotel Review

When my wife and I both reached fully vaccinated status, we knew exactly what we wanted to do next: head to Las Vegas. Sure enough, that's what we did this past week (just ahead of everyone else doing the same thing, apparently), checking out several hotels in the process. Those...
magnifying glass looking at the globe

Travel Tuesday: The Top International Places I Want to Visit ASAP

With last Friday marking two weeks since I received my COVID jab, I am now officially fully vaccinated! As you might imagine, this milestone has me once again getting excited about a return to travel. Granted, it doesn't seem as though international trips will be a go just yet, but...
Uber Marriott Bonvoy promo

Travel Tuesday: You Can Now Earn Marriott Bonvoy Points Via Uber

As any travel hacker, points enthusiast, or coupon clipper knows, there's no feeling quite as great as pulling off a "double-dip." Sure, earning one form of reward for a purchase or saving a few dollars on said purchase is nice — but it's even better when you employ multiple tools...
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Caption: Not Some Basic Hotel

Travel Tuesday: Caption by Hyatt Memphis Hotel Review

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit Memphis, Tennessee. Despite driving through the city a few times, this was my first proper visit (albeit one that was quite short). To mark the occasion, I decided to look for something that was convenient for me but that also...
bed at Tru by Hitlon Wichita

Hilton is Offering Double Points on Hotel Stays This Summer

Hilton is making it easy to earn bonus points on hotel stays this summer. For stays from May 2nd to September 2nd, Hilton Honors members can earn 2x points. All you need to do is register on the Hilton site and you'll be good to go. Of course, you will...
Solis 5G alone and attached to a backpack

2024 Solis 5G Mobile Hotspot Review

For years, I've been a regular user of Solis mobile hotspots and have used them for several international trips (and some domestic). Of course, as the years have gone on, my Solis 1 device has grown a bit old. While it still works just fine, it has been discontinued and...
working off a Solis WiFi Hotspot

2024 Solis WiFi Hotspot Review: Using the Skyroam Solis Lite Overseas

As someone who regularly “workations” and relies on a solid Internet connection to be productive while traveling, it’s kind of crazy that I went without a WiFi hotspot for so long. That’s mostly because I had never come across a particular device that jumped out at me.  Well, that was...