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AMEX Hotel Collection booking screenshot

Travel Tuesday: Booking My Chicago Stay Through Amex's Hotel Collection

At a time when most Americans and those in several other parts of the world are avoiding group gatherings at all costs, a couple of weeks ago my wife and I headed to Chicago for a comic book convention. This was our first time attending C2E2 — short for Chicago...
sitting in Delta SkyClub

Aspirational Travel: My (Short) Time Beyond the "Velvet Rope"

These days, it seems that people are traveling more than ever. However, the experiences they have while making their way to their destination can vary greatly. For those in the "main cabin" (aka "coach") part of the plane, seats seem to be shrinking while nickel-and-diming fees grow. Meanwhile, those upfront...
Hong Kong flag

Travel Tuesday: Pray for Hong Kong — My Favorite Things About the City

Quick note: in case you missed the previous entry, Travel Tuesday is a new feature here on Money@30 where I'll be sharing travel-focused posts every other week — so stay tuned for more tips and tales from my various travel adventures! The past few months have not been easy for Hong...
NFC and Mobile Phone

Travel Tuesday: Why Mobile Wallets are a Must for World Travelers

Before we jump into the topic at hand, I first want to welcome you to a new feature here on Money@30: Travel Tuesday. Every other week, I'll be sharing tips and tales from my various travel adventures. While some of these will have a personal finance tie-in, others may just...

Get Away in 2020: Planning and Budgeting for Your Next Trip

Sure the year may have just started, but you deserve a vacation. Thankfully, with some planning, budgeting, and a few tricks along the way, your dream trip is within your reach. So where will your travels take you in 2019?
Minute Suites Atlanta checkin

Minute Suites Review (and Using Your Priority Pass)

As much as my wife and I love to travel, there are times when the logistics and realities of hopping around the globe can be a bit daunting. Take, for example, the multiple times when our only viable itinerary options require us to spend the night in one of this...
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Fellow Ode 2 Coffee Grinder

My Quick Review of the Fellow Ode 2 Coffee Grinder

A couple of weeks back, in my column on Fioney, I somewhat lamented a recent splurge purchase — not because I was necessarily upset with what I bought but what the process of doing so said about some of my personal finance failings. The item in question was the Fellow...

Should You Buy, Lease, or Finance Your Next Smartphone?

Remember a few years ago when you thought that friend of yours who always had the latest model iPhone was crazy for spending that much? That’s changed in recent years as carriers and others now allow you to essentially lease your device. Taking a page from the auto industry, you...
Bilt and Curve credit cards

Bilt Has Seemingly Shut Down Rewards on Curve Transactions

Ya know, some weeks I really struggle to find a quick tip post to share. And then there are weeks like this that are so overflowing with news that I don't even know where to start. So, since I trust you've already read about the big news regarding Delta SkyMiles...
model of the American Express Centurion Lounge at EWR

Travel Tuesday: Amex Centurion Lounge Coming to EWR in 2026

When I was a kid, my family would travel between Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey at least once per year. Because of this, I have plenty of distinct memories from both hubs — but especially EWR. I still think about the signs at...