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Money Milestones

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Two Big Ways to Master Your Money and Live the Life You Want 3

I suppose my work life has always been kind of strange. Sure, the whole movie theatre management job wasn't that out there (although getting paid to screen movies is fairly unique), but I ended up leaving that job and becoming a paid extra in films and TV shows for several...

Next Steps in Investing: Playing the Long Game and Choosing the Best Options 3

During this past year, I finally started investing. Well, let me rephrase that — I started investing aside from a 401(k) or IRA. After dabbling a bit with Acorns, I started investing directly in individual stocks using Robinhood (and recently earning free stocks via Bumped). However, as 2019 gets underway,...

Life Insurance: What to Consider When Looking for Coverage 3

On this site, we've discussed a number of what I've called "money milestones" that tend to be celebratory achievements. We've also covered the benefits of several different types of insurance ranging from the popular (namely health and auto insurances) to the underutilized (like renters insurance). Well, today I wanted to...

How to Rebound From 3 Money Setback Scenarios 4

On this site, I talk a lot about money milestones and achieving various financial goals. From building up an emergency fund to saving for retirement, these are all worthwhile and important topics that can make a huge difference in one’s fiscal life. However, I recently realized that, while I’ve spoken...

A Financial Education: Student Finance and Why #FinHealthMatters 7

There's no question that student loan debt has been a major problem for the Millennial generation and beyond. While much has been made about the loans themselves, it's also important to focus on what students should be learning about personal finance and why #FinHealthMatters.

5 Tax Time Retirement Savings Options You Should Know About 6

With Tax Day 2018 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider your retirement savings options. In fact, in some cases, there may still be time to take advantage of the tax benefits these accounts offer in a bid to reduce your 2017 tax bill.