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Pair of Allbirds Mizzle Runner-Ups

Travel Tuesday: 2023 Allbirds Wool Runner-Up Mizzles Review

a pair of Wool Runner-Up Mizzles
view inside Hotel Vandivort Explorer Suite

Travel Tuesday: Hotel Vandivort Explorer Suite Review

No, your memory does not deceive you: I have reviewed Hotel Vandivort before — twice, in fact. However, with my wife and I recently celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, we saw it fit to pay a visit to our local luxury hotel. This time around, however, we opted to try...
Alaska Airlines plane

Travel Tuesday: Alaska Airlines is Offering a Status Match Challenge to Delta Elites

A few weeks back, Delta announced numerous changes impacting their most loyal customers. While I personally focused on the SkyClub entry rules and restrictions that are on the way, the adjustments made to the SkyMiles program were arguably even more disruptive. Not only did the airline move to a model...
model of the American Express Centurion Lounge at EWR

Travel Tuesday: Amex Centurion Lounge Coming to EWR in 2026

When I was a kid, my family would travel between Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey at least once per year. Because of this, I have plenty of distinct memories from both hubs — but especially EWR. I still think about the signs at...
illustration of woman sitting in a lounge

Travel Tuesday: Google Flights is a Adding Money-Saving Feature

Travelers who are looking at flight options and fares have often found Google Flights to be a useful tool. Now, thanks to some updates, the service could further help flyers save some money on bookings. This week, Google Flights announced that it would be upgrading the insights it provides to...
inside a deluxe room at Conrad Indianapolis

Travel Tuesday: Conrad Indianapolis Hotel Review

Last week, after years and dozens of times driving through it, I finally had the chance to spend some time in Indianapolis, Indiana. What brought me to town was Gen Con — a gaming convention that I was covering for my other work. But, of course, this also gave me...
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collage of Discover It Q2 2024 bonus categories

Here's What Discover It Customers Can Earn 5% Back on in Q2

It's March 1st, and you know what that means: time for Discover to announce its second quarter bonus categories! Oh, that wasn't what you were thinking? Well, then. Regardless, continuing a tradition they began last year (prior to that, they'd just announced the full quarterly calendar before the new year),...
grey Moderne Gentlemen Travel Duffle Bag

Travel Tuesday: Moderne Gentleman Travel Duffle Bag Review

As someone who not only travels with some frequency but also enjoys reviewing products, I'm always on the lookout for interesting travel accessories and the like. That's why I was excited when I found the clever Halfday garment duffle a few months ago. Well, after seeing that review, the people...
SiriusXM logo

Another Bill "Negotiation" Win! Cutting Our Sirius XM Fee

Earlier this month, I shared the story of how I managed to instantly save money on my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Basically, by going through the steps to cancel, I was presented with a deal that I could live with. Well, just today, I had a similar experience with another...

Everything You Need to Know About Flying Allegiant Air in 2024

When my wife and I moved to Springfield, Missouri almost a decade ago, one of the selling points (or at least what kept it in the running) was that there was a nearby airport that served a decent number of destinations. Unfortunately, while it is convenient, flying out of such...