Apple Card Extends Interest-Free Financing to Other Apple Devices

Quick Tips - Apple Card Extends Interest-Free Financing to Other Apple Devices

Apple Card Extends Interest-Free Financing to Other Apple Devices

Late last year, Apple introduced a new feature for its Apple Card: the ability to finance new iPhones interest-free for 24 months. While the company had previously offered a similar program, this arrangement allowed those with Apple Cards to skip a step by not needing to apply for financing approval. Now, in a widely-expected move, the company is expanding the Apple Card’s financing possibilities to include Macs, iPads, and select accessories.

Like with the iPhone offer, products that cardholders finance will show in the Monthly Installments section of their Apple Card dashboard in Wallet. Moreover, their installment payment will be added to their monthly statement, making for easy payment. Speaking of payments, customers are also welcome to pay off their installment balance at any time with no prepayment penalty.

One notable difference between the new offering and the previous program is that, while iPhones offer 24 months of financing, other items have terms ranging from six to 12 months. For example, smaller devices such as AirPods and Apple TVs can be financed for six months while iPads and Mac computers carry 12-month 0% interest financing. Nevertheless, Apple Card customers will earn their 3% Daily Cash at the time the item is shipped instead of having to wait until their installment plan is paid off.

In order to take advantage of this offer, users will need to ensure they select the right option at check out. My experience suggests that the easiest medium for this is the Apple Store app. Within the app, I found it much easier to select the Apple Card Monthly Installment option and see exactly what your monthly payments will be. By the way, while the cost of your item will be financed, any taxes due will be collected at the time of purchase.

To me, this perk makes perfect sense. In fact, I’m a little surprised it took this long for it to be instated. On a personal note, this new option coupled with my recently acquired “I deserve a damn treat” quarantine mentality has me seriously eyeing a new iPad Pro whereas I’d never considered buying a tablet before. I don’t know if that’s an endorsement or not… but there it is. Regardless, as an Apple Card user, I look forward to seeing more features and perks added to card as time goes on.

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