Black Friday Deal Roundup: Offers on Products I’ve Reviewed

Hey, it’s Black Friday! Personally, I’ve been pretty anti- this annual shopping holiday for a while, but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely bereft of redeeming factors. For example, while what I’m mostly opposed to is the frenzy that happens at physical store locations, there are some decent deals you can take advantage of from home. Furthermore, in contrast to some deals that might actually cause you to buy things you don’t need, Black Friday along with Cyber Monday do occasionally come with money-saving offers on practical purchases and useful tools. In fact, as I looked through my email inbox, I realized that a number of the products and services I’ve previously reviewed are among those promoting special deals.

With that in mind, here’s a quick round-up of some Black Friday (and beyond) deals that have come to my attention and could be worth yours.


  • The Black Friday Offer: Instacart Deal – $10 off first delivery order of $20+ with code TGIVING10, $20 off first delivery order of $30+ with code TGIVING20, or $30 off first delivery order of $50+ with code TGIVING30 (new users only, delivery orders only, codes expire November 28th)
  • The Regular Price: Instacart has occasional promo codes and discounts but, otherwise, normal price is just whatever your order (plus fees) comes to.
  • My Thoughts: I finally tried Instacart during the pandemic and was impressed with the platform overall — including how you can keep track of what items your shopper has already grabbed and make substituions if needed. Since then, we’ve mainly used the pick-up option for Aldi since the delivery fees, service fees, and shopper tips can add up. Notably, these promos codes are only for delivery, so you’ll need to endure those fees. Still, $30 off of $50 is a pretty awesome deal if you want to stay in and let the groceries come to you this weekend (and you haven’t used Instacart before).


  • The Black Friday Offer: 70% off for 3 months (offer good through December 3rd)
  • The Regular Price: Quickbooks Self-Employed is typically $15 a month while other online options for small businesses are also available.
  • My Thoughts: I’ve been using QuickBook Self-Employed for years now and it’s definitely helped me keep my deductions in order for tax time. With April coming up quick, this deal — which allows new customers to get three months of QBSE for just $4.50 a month — is pretty well timed. If you’re self-employed and don’t already use bookkeeping software to track your business expenses, mileage, etc., I think it’s definitely worth taking advantage of this deal, using it to help prepare your taxes come 2021, and seeing if you think you want to continue using it (at full price) for going forward.


  • The Black Friday Offer: 50% Off a Blinkist yearly subscription after a 7-day free trial using code BLACKFRIDAY21_AFF through November 29th.
  • The Regular Price: Blinkist annual subscriptions are normally $99.99
  • My Thoughts: Blinkist is a platform I first tried thanks to an Amex Offer. What it offers is highlights from numerous e-books and audiobooks, allowing you to preview titles or just get the best takeaways from them. Similarly, the service also has bite-sized podcast excerpts and more. I should note that this deal still includes a 7-day free trial, during which you can cancel your subscription to aviod being charged the annual fee, so that’s a nice option if you’re curious what it’s all about. Ultimately, if you’re someone who enjoys non-fiction books but don’t have a ton of time to read them or want to explore them more before buying, Blinkist could be the solution — and half off for a year is a solid deal.


  • The Black Friday Offer: 36% off Basic annual plans, 47% off Pro annual plans, or 58% off Business annual plans through November 29th (note: discounts based on plans if paid monthly)
  • The Regular Price: Basic annual plans cost $348 normally while Pro annual plans are $1,188 and Business annual plans are $2,988.
  • My Thoughts: If you’re being technical, I haven’t exactly reviewed Teachable. However, I did particpate in their Creator Challenge. In any case, if you’re unfamiliar, Teachable is a platform where you can host and sell your own courses. Thus, if you’ve been looking to launch a course of your own, now could be a great time to pony up for an annual plan. I do feel like I need to mention that Teachable’s Black Friday landing page uses some funny math as the regular price it lists isn’t based on the regular annual price but actually the monthly payment price. For example, the 36% off the Basic plan is based on a $468 retail price ($39 per month) even though the price is really $348 ($29 a month) when billed annually. Regardless, if selling a course is on your New Year’s to-do list, this upfront investment could well be worth it.


  • The Black Friday Offer: 20% off sitewide with code GIVEGOLD21 through November 29th (Excludes shipping, use unlimited times)
  • The Regular Price: Again, there are various Goldbelly coupon codes and offer throughout the year, but 20% off is pretty good.
  • My Thoughts: Goldbelly is an awesome service and could make for a great gift if you know someone who’s craving a regional delicacy they no longer live near. The only downside of the platform is the price — and, while the 20% off helps, you’ll still likely be spending a significant amount for anything you buy. That said, if you do some searching, you can probably find a decent deal on a special meal for yourself or a loved on.


  • The Black Friday Offer: 50% off 20GB of Global or USA Data, 30% off 10GB of Glorbal or USA Data through
  • The Regular Price: USA Data typically costs $60 for 10GB or $100 for 20GB while Global Data is usually $100 for 10GB or $180 for 20GB.
  • My Thoughts: Even if you don’t have an international trip planned, purchasing hotspot data ahead of time could be a good deal. Thankfully, Skyroam’s Pay-Per-GB data does not expire, so you can use it when you need it. And while $90 is still quite an investment, it does work out to $4.5 per gigabite of data used in more than 130 countries that Skyroam supports. Of course, in order to take advantage of this year, you’ll also need a Skyroam Solis device — and those start at $140. Thus, once again, this is definitely an investment in having portable WiFi on future travels. Alternatively, a hotspot and data could be a great gift for the world traveler in your life.

Hopefully one or more of these deals will be of use to you — but, if not, that’s great too! Either way, I hope you have a great Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and holiday season overall.

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