Blinkist is Offering 40% Off Annual Subscriptions for a Limited Time

Quick Tips - Blinkist is Offering 40% Off Annual Subscriptions for a Limited Time

Blinkist is Offering 40% Off Annual Subscriptions for a Limited Time

With many of us remaining in some level of lockdown, I for one have continued to consume a lot of entertainment. Mostly, this has consisted of streaming TV shows along with reruns of series I’ve already seen multiple times through. Thus, I’ve been looking for a way to inject some actual learning into my routine to mix things up. Enter Blinkist — a service that allows users to explore the best of non-fiction books and more. Even better, for a limited time they’re offering a 40% off deal to Money@30 readers.

Blinkist is a platform that features excerpts from both books and podcasts. For example, there are several personal finance titles featured, each presenting around 10 to 15 minutes of highlights and key takeaways. In the case of books, members can choose to either read ebook mini-chapters or listen to audiobook clips. Additionally, if you’re looking for something longer, you can also purchase select audiobooks from the app. Elsewhere, you’ll also find “Shortcasts” — which, as the name would imply, are condensed versions of popular podcasts. As a Blinkist subscriber, you’ll have access to all of this content, with more being added regularly (in my experience). For more on the service, you can also check out my full review.

As I noted at the top, Blinkist is currently offering 40% off an annual subscription to the service, bringing the cost down from $99.99 a year to $59.99. Incidentally, this was apparently their Black Friday deal, so it’s interesting to see it reemerge in January. In any case, the deal is set to expire on January 31st. As a heads up, while this offer does break down to just $4.99 per month, you will need to pay the entire $59.99 amount upfront. Meanwhile, there’s also a monthly option that is not included in the discount offer.

If you’re not sure if Blinkist is right for you, they do also offer a seven-day free trial — although you will need to provide payment information and will be charged the annual fee if you don’t cancel before your trial expires. The good news is that I’ve found it incredibly easy to cancel your membership and prevent subsequent charges from hitting. Of course, keep in mind that this 40% off deal is for a limited time and so that price may be higher if you want to re-subscribe in the future.

Having used Blinkist for a couple of months now (thanks to an Amex promotion), I’ve enjoyed making the app a part of my daily habit. Moreover, it’s also helped me to find and preview books I want to review as part of one of my 2021 goals. With that in mind, I do think that this current offer is a pretty good deal, but would still recommend taking it for a test drive during your seven-day trial.

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