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Smart Brevity book cover

"Smart Brevity" Book Review — Can it Help Improve Your Writing?

I'm not 100% sure when it was that I first heard about the site Axios. Regardless, these days, I'm subscribed to several of their newsletters, regularly visit their website, and may or may not have already taken some inspiration from them when revamping the news style of the Disney site...
robot hand and a human hand holding a pen

Blogging Tools: AI Writing Generator Test

Previously when I kicked off my Blogging Tools series, I shared a look at some services you can use to improve your writing by fixing grammatical and spelling errors. Well, today, we're taking things to a new level and looking at tools that will actually do the writing for you!...
Writing on an iMac

Blogging Tools: Writing and Grammar Tools

It's been a while since I've written about writing. While this section of my site has sat up next to more frequently covered topics such as Travel, I haven't explored the meta opportunities of blogging about the practice of blogging for far too long. So, today, I'm working to correct...
blogger on a laptop

Starting a Blog in 2021: Setting Up, Growing, and Monetizing Your Site

It’s crazy to think that, just a few years ago, the term “blog” was just a strange word that few fully understood. Today there are blogs for just about any topic or niche you could conceive of and a diverse array of talented writers producing content for an equally diverse...
writing a book

The Author Journey: Combating Headwinds

A few months ago, I resolved to finally get cracking on a book idea that had been floating around in my head for some time now. To correspond with this goal, I also decided to launch a monthly blog series taking you through the ups and downs of preparing a...
Write someting

The Author Journey: About the Book I'm Working On

Over the past few months, I've been penning a blog post series here on Money@30 chronicling a book project I'm writing. In previous editions, I've looked at how I was preparing myself to write as well as sharing the successes and stumbles I've encountered while trying to put pen to...

The Author Journey: What's Working (and What's Not) With My Process So Far

Last month, I kicked off an article series in conjunction with a new book project I'm currently working on. True to my word, with one month now past, I'm back to provide an update and offer some insight into the process. This time around, I wanted to follow-up on a...

The Author Journey: Book Preparation and Taking My First Steps

Next month will mark the five year anniversary of my book The E-Ticket Life. That's absolutely insane to me as it feels like hardly any time has passed since that first box of books arrived at my doorstep. Just as crazy is the fact that it's been nearly three years...

Is Now the Time to Write a Book? 5 Tips for Starting Your Manuscript While in Quarantine

Spending a lot of time at home lately? Unless you're an essential worker, you probably are (or should be). And while most people seem to be spending their newfound free time consuming Tiger King or whatever the new, hot streaming show is by the time you read this, others are...
drawing a book

Book Review: "Ideas, Influence, and Income" by Tanya Hall

There are few titles that still hold as much cachet in our society as that of "author." While the label may have lost some of its luster due a flood of subpar self-publications in recent years, there's no question that having a published book can be a big benefit to...
computer, pen and pad, and crumpled up paper

Blogging Tips for Writing Better Posts

As much as blogging is a learning experience, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Having people read, care about, be entertained by, and gain perspective from your writing is a feeling unlike any other. That's why putting your all into what you create for your blog is so important.
hands typing on a computer

My Personal Personal Finance Blogging Philosophies

Next month will mark two years since I first started this site. During my time running a personal finance blog, there's no doubt that I've learned a lot about personal finance and blogging. Now, as I reflect on the past two years, I've also been thinking a lot about my...
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Solis 1 and Solis 5G WiFi devices

Solis's Memorial Day Hotspot Sale is Perfect for Summer Travel

If you're heading overseas this summer, you might find it helpful to have a mobile hotspot with global data at your disposal. So, in what is certainly no coincidence, Solis is having a Memorial Day Weekend sale. As a result, you can currently score discounted hotspots as well as data...
airplane tickets and globe with an airplane

My Initial Experience in the Overwhelming World of Travel Hacking

Over the past few years, my wife and I have had the good fortune of getting to enjoy an increasing amount of travel. This includes heading to domestic locations such as Los Angeles for the D23 Expo and Orlando to visiting Walt Disney World, as well as international travels to Paris, Hong...
bed in MGM Grand King room

Travel Tuesday: MGM Grand King Room Review Revisited

It's been a while since I've added to my Las Vegas Content Bonanza™. Well, that's also because it had been some time since I last had a chance to visit Sin City. But, back in January for CES, that changed. This time around, I spent a week at the MGM...
Go Brewing cans of NA beer

Go Brewing - My New Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beer?

About a year ago, I started taking an interest in non-alcoholic beer after discovering Athletic. While I've never been a big beer drinker, I have long been curious about the craft beer scene and, honestly, may have even been a bit jealous of how my wife got to try all...