Travel Tuesday: Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel Hotel Review

For years, my wife and I have been big fans of Marvel and specifically the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More recently, we’ve also come to love Disneyland Paris, with the resort ranking among our favorite Disney Parks in the world (we even have annual passes for this resort instead of the domestic ones). That’s why we’ve been excited to explore Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel ever since the project was announced. Unfortunately, a pandemic plus the pricing of the property made that a bit difficult.

Well, recently, we finally had the chance to stay at Hotel New York – Art of Marvel for ourselves. But, in full disclosure, my stay was complimentary as part of a media event I attended on behalf of Laughing Place. Still, I wanted to share my experience and a look at this prime Disneyland Paris property.

Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel Room Review

A brief history

The original Hotel New York opened with Disneyland Paris in 1992 — back when it was called Euro Disney. As the name implies, the property was themed to the Big Apple, complete with taxi checkering, souvenir garb, and giant Yankees and Mets logos on the ground. However, a few years back, the hotel closed for refurbishment to transform into the Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

Since a lot of Marvel’s stories do take place in New York City, this theming does make some sense. That said, rather than steep you in Marvel lure per se, the theme focuses on artwork and architecture inspired by the Marvel canon. Thus, throughout the property, you’ll find a number of original works alongside comic panels, concept art, and more. While I’d hesitate to call it “upscale,” I do think the refurbished property does look nicer than its former self, with the art theme only enhancing the experience.


Since I mentioned the price of Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel deterring our stay, let me show you what I’m talking about. Before I do, I should point out that Disneyland Paris hotel booking is a bit weird in that it defaults to a package that includes park tickets. So, when I tell you that one of the cheapest nights I could find was $731, know that this does include two 2-Day, 2-Park tickets as well. Still, yikes.

Of course, for that “deal,” you’d have to wait until September. Looking at some of the summer prices, you’ll be paying upwards of $1,000 per night. If you’re curious about different dates and options, Disneyland Paris’s U.S. site does have a useful calendar you can play with.


One of the best things about Hotel New York (both in its original form and as The Art of Marvel) is its location. It’s the second closest hotel to the theme parks following the Disneyland Hotel, which actually straddles the entry gates of Parc Disneyland. Of course, with that hotel currently closed for refurbishment, Hotel New York is currently the closest you can get.

From the hotel, you’re only a minute or two from the Disney Village shopping and dining district. However, you will need to pass through security before accessing the area. Once entering Disney Village, it’s only about a 10 minute or less walk to Walt Disney Studios Park or Parc Disneyland. Obviously, this makes the hotel incredibly convenient when compared to some budget options like Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe or Disney’s Hotel Cheyanne, which each require an additional 10 minute or so walk. It’s also much closer than Val d’Europe hotels like my go-to Aparthotel by Adagio.

Is the location worth the extra cost on its own? Probably not. But it’s definitely a nice perk.

The room

I suppose I should start by mentioning that there were bugs in our room… in art form that is. Yes, the two paintings that happened to adorn our walls featured Spider-Man as well as Ant-Man and the Wasp. Jokes aside, I loved both of these pieces — although I am curious how many different options there are in total.

Speaking of arachnids, the Black Widow theming found in the bedding was far more subtle but was still unmistakable to fans. Arguably, the unique lighting features in the room also took on that hourglass-esque look, but I’m not as convinced that this part was intentional. Notably, outside of those elements and some throw pillows featuring the New York skyline, there weren’t many other overt Marvel references until you turned on the TV.

If the television weren’t already on to display our names when we walked in, we may have wondered where it was. That’s because the screen is actually integrated into what looks like a big mirror on the wall. But the uniqueness of the display doesn’t end there. After tapping “OK” to dismiss the name screen, a brief video plays taking you to the home screen. Once there, you’ll notice a music loop that’s exclusive to the hotel (you can also stream it for yourself on Spotify). Outside of these touches, it is your typical hotel TV experience, with services, info, and channel guides all included. That said, there’s also a way to connect to your Disney+ account and stream your favorites on demand. Alas, true to the experience I’ve had with many hotel televisions in the past, our remote was extremely picky, making for some frustrations. Eventually, we seemed to mostly get the hang of it and we were able to enjoy some entertainment before bed.

One element I really liked in the room was the control panel. Found near each bed and in between, you could adjust lighting for the room easily. Plus, the center one had a useful USB slot for charging my phone. Elsewhere in the room, there was also a power hub that not only includes the standard Euro plug but also a U.K. style port (which didn’t help me but I can see the appeal), USB ports, and more.

In terms of downsides, for as beautiful as the restroom is (including the awesome Avengers soap bar), I really don’t understand the half-shower glass bit that I’ve experienced in three different French hotels now. Although I thought I was doing a pretty good job at keeping the water contained this time around, a soaked floor still greeted me when I was done. Also, the plug for the sink was loose and would block the drain, so I had to remove it entirely. I’m not sure if this was just the way it was supposed to work or whether it was actually broken but it was slightly annoying. On the bright side, the bathroom did come equipped with a Bluetooth speaker if you wanted to listen to some jams while inevitably splashing water all over the floor as you bathe.

Back on the plus side, I absolutely loved that the room included a coffee maker along with pods. Admittedly, I’m not 100% sure whether this was included as a bonus perk with my media hosting or whether it’s standard, but the way it was situated suggested to me that it is a regular feature. Americans should note that the smaller size is akin to an espresso shot while the larger size isn’t exactly big, resulting in some pretty strong brews. Nevertheless, I definitely enjoyed it and appreciated having it available to me. Even better, there was also an electric kettle along with some tea selections, which allowed us to indulge in our nightly routine without interruption.

Overall, I thought the room was a good size — while not being huge — and struck a great balance between being Marvel-themed and feeling luxurious. As a Marvel geek, the small touches really stood out to me and enhanced the experience. I’ll also note that the bed was remarkably comfortable, making for a great night’s sleep.

Lobby and amenities

While the previous Hotel New York lobby was a bit corny, the revamped version looks gorgeous in my opinion. Among the standout features are the black and white comic panel windows, the Iron Man suits on display, and of course plenty of unique and colorful Marvel artwork. Yet, all of this is complemented by a classy wood and metal motif among other high-end materials. To me, it all works perfectly.

Stepping outside of the lobby, there is a gift shop around the corner, which not only offers souvenirs and merchandise but also some sundries. Further down the hall, you’ll find the Jack Kirby Legacy Gallery, which currently features some concept art for existing and upcoming Marvel Disney Parks attractions. For much more art, you can stroll the other hallways as well.

In terms of amenities, the hotel is home to an indoor pool, a fitness center, and more. Plus, at Super Hero Station, you’ll find a number of fun photo ops as well as a Spider-Man meet and greet. Given in our limited time at the hotel, we didn’t have a chance to check out these offerings, but they’re definitely on our list for the future.


Speaking of things we didn’t get a chance to do, we unfortunately didn’t get to visit any of the Hotel New York – Art of Marvel dining locations. Nevertheless, they all look great. So, let’s get a quick overview of the four locations.

First up is the Doctor Strange-inspired Bleecker Street Lounge. This looked to be a rather small and casual location, serving coffee and tea selections alongside craft beer and cocktails. Meanwhile, for a more elaborate experience, the Skyline Bar serves up a variety of beverages while employing screens (er, “panoramic windows”) to give guests a view of the New York skyline — including some possible appearances from Marvel heroes.

As for dining options at the hotel, there is the Manhattan Restaurant. This upscale location serves “modernized traditional Italian dishes” that include ingredients sourced in Italy. Then, there’s the Downtown Restaurant — a buffet with a menu that takes inspiration from New York neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Little Italy, and others.

Personally, when we do hopefully head back, I’m definitely interested in checking out the Skyline Bar. And while the Manhattan Restaurant sounds great, the meal will set you back a few Euros. On that note, if you’re looking for quicker or cheaper fare, you are a short walk to Disney Village where you’ll find the likes of Earl of Sandwich, Five Guys, and many others.

Final Thoughts on Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

As you can surely tell, we definitely enjoyed our stay at the Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. Yet, what I think is interesting is that I feel as though the hotel would please even those who aren’t big fans of Marvel. That said, realistically, it doesn’t quite compete with the actual four-diamond hotels you’d find in this price range. What makes the cost even worse is that we’ve grown accustomed to staying at an aparthotel in Val d’Europe where we can stay nearly a week for what one night costs at Art of Marvel (plus, as annual pass holders, we don’t need the ticket package that’s pushed by default). But, with its proximity to the parks, its gorgeous yet fun decor, and the quality of the rooms, you may find that it’s worth the extra cost to stay at Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel for at least a night or two on your next Disneyland Paris visit.


Kyle Burbank

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