Travel Tuesday: NoMad (Park MGM) Hotel Review

Welcome back to yet another Travel Tuesday as I continue my Las Vegas Content Bonanza™ after a brief sneaker-centric detour. Today, we’ll be venturing over to NoMad — a boutique hotel inside of Park MGM (which was previously Monte Carlo). Specifically, NoMad’s rooms occupy the top four floors of the tower, but NoMad guests also enjoy a private pool among other amenities. Plus, you’ll find the NoMad name attached to some other venues in the hotel including the High Limit rooms.

This week’s review comes with a bit of a disclaimer/explainer as I did not have to pay for my stay! You might assume that this is somehow because this Las Vegas Content Bonanza™ has gained me some sort of notoriety and now I have establishments begging me for my critiques (a distinct possibility, right?). In reality, the hook-up was thanks to my high rolling friend and his gracious casino host. Nevertheless, I thought I’d disclose this lack of payment so we’re all on the same page. With that, let’s take a closer look at NoMad.

NoMad (Park MGM) Atelier Room Review


As I noted, I didn’t actually have to book this particular stay as that was handled by my friend. However, NoMad can be booked via the MGM Resorts site, app, or the NoMad site itself. Additionally, the property is included in the American Express Fine Hotels + Resorts program. Currently, if you book via FHR, you’ll enjoy daily breakfast for two, guaranteed 4 p.m late checkout, a $100 dining credit, and more. As you’ll see, Park MGM is home to some great dining options, so this $100 credit could definitely come in handy.

For the record, looking at random weekday dates in December, rooms at NoMad booked via Fine Hotels + Resort start at $139. Meanwhile, the Atelier room we stayed in goes for $179 during that same timeframe. Obviously, your pricing will depend on when you plan on visiting and how you book. Also, there’s a $39 per night resort fee — although this is reduced slightly when booking through FHR since WiFi is included with such bookings.

Checking In

The most important thing to realize when arriving at NoMad for your stay is that check-in is separate from where one would check-in for Park MGM stays. Thus, you’ll want to follow signs for NoMad… and don’t feel too bad if you get a little lost, as it is kind of tucked away in the back. If you’re in a big, bright lobby, you’re likely in the wrong place as NoMad’s desk is much more dimly lit and the desk is fairly small.

One of my favorite NoMad touches is the key card booklet given to you at check-in. In addition to the thick, sturdy cardboard used, there’s a soft, velvety feel to them that I found to be quite delightful. In fact, I ended up using this to hold subsequent hotel keys as well as my Mlife card and more throughout the rest of my Vegas trip. Yes, I know this amount of gushing over a key card holder seems dumb, but it really did make me feel fancy from the jump.


Like the check-in area, you can tell the NoMad elevator bank because the carpet utilizes the black and red motif as compared to the minty green of Park MGM. That said, while these are the only elevators that service NoMad, they do not do so exclusively. This is to say that the bank can get a bit busy at peak times as both Park MGM and NoMad guests head to their rooms. Granted, this queuing only happened to us once — and coincided with a huge bump in business as Las Vegas removed its mask mandate for vaccinated guests midday during our second night at NoMad. Meanwhile, getting an elevator down was much easier since NoMad rooms are located on the upper levels.

One word of advice is that you’ll want to have your room key ready before you board the elevator. That’s because, akin to a growing number of other properties, you’ll need to tap your key in order to select your floor. Your mobile key should work for this purpose as well, but I prefer using the real thing — and even then, it could take a couple of tries before it’ll take.

Our room – Atelier

For our stay at NoMad, we were placed in one of their Atelier rooms. Looking at their line-up, it seems that this is between their Classic King and Grand Suite in terms of price. According to the site, it’s 528 sq. feet, which is fairly spacious.

The first thing we noticed when walking into our room was the small desk and seat located in front of us. While aesthetically pleasing, I’m not sure I’d actually use the desk for actually working. Luckily, this wouldn’t be necessary.

Another striking design element was the mini-bar, which is contained in what looks like an old travel trunk. Honestly, this was probably one of my favorite parts of this room as it added a unique and fun feel to the space. Furthering that vintage glamour style were the light switches. Instead of the boring modern flip-up/flip-down switches we’re used to, much of the room employed push buttons and knobs. Admittedly, this took me a couple of seconds to adjust to in some instances, but I loved them overall.

By the way, we’re not even into the bedroom yet. To the right (if you’re facing it) of the mini-bar was the bathroom… or half of it. Technically, this may be a “powder room” with just a toilet and sink. Meanwhile, the shower and another sink were located across the hall. Although I liked this arrangement for the layout of the room, in terms of practicality, it wasn’t my favorite.

Now we get to the bedroom itself, which had a king bed, a chaise lounge, table/desk, television, and — in what is surely meant to be the showstopper — a pedestal tub. Once again, as much as I adored the look of the pedestal tub and considered scrubbing up just because, I don’t know how many people would actually take advantage of this feature. This is especially true for those who may be sharing space but who aren’t comfortable bathing in the middle of the room.

Regardless, the entire vibe of the room comes together thanks to a few key elements. This includes the comfy chaise, which is flanked by room divider-esque devices on either side, as well as the gorgeous hardwood floors. The artwork and photographs in the room also set the scene for our stay.

Whether thanks to the location or considerate neighbors, we found that our stay at NoMad was quite quiet. I can’t tell you how nice it was to get a good night’s sleep without hearing sirens on the street, slamming doors from the hallway, or other miscellaneous annoyances. Again, I’m not sure what this can be attributed to, but I’m inclined to think NoMad itself has something to do with it.

Finally, going back to the desk thing, I found that the table was more than sufficient for my work needs. It even included additional plugs for all of my power needs. So, while I’d love to make that front desk work for me, I’m glad there was a suitable backup.


Seeing as I’m a self-proclaimed “South Strip Boy,” the location of the Park MGM/NoMad is about perfect for me as it’s just a hair north of my beloved New York, New York/MGM Grand/Tropicana/Excalibur (which then leads to Luxor) quadrant. However, I think the real appeal for others may be a bit different.

One big perk of the Park MGM is the Park Theater. Here is where some of the biggest residencies of Vegas have happened, including Queen, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and many more. Sadly, I was supposed to see Lady Gaga’s Jazz & Piano show but it was canceled because, well, 2020 (not that I’m bitter or anything). With shows now returning to the theatre, NoMad could be a great place to stay if you’re looking to make one of these concerts a focus of your trip.

Another nearby venue is T-Mobile Arena. In addition to being home to the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the arena also hosts big events that not even the Park Theater can contain. So, if you’re a hockey or concert fan, that’s another “plus” in NoMad’s column.

Finally, as I mentioned in my Bellagio review, Park MGM offers a tram service that will take you to the Crystal Shops as well as Bellagio. This is accessed by taking the short walkway that connects Park MGM to Aria. In other words, it’s a dream come true for a resort hopper like myself who likes to travel the Strip without actually setting foot on the sidewalk.


I nearly completed this review without mentioning one of the things that make NoMad and Park MGM unique. As of late 2020, Park MGM is now a completely smoke-free property. This means smoking is not only forbidden in restaurants and hotel rooms but is also banned from the casino floor.

Personally, this is a big plus for me as a non-smoker. After staying long enough in Vegas, you may not notice the stale cigarette smell anymore, but the absence of it is definitely refreshing. Funny enough, while taking the aforementioned walkway to Aria, you can 100% smell the difference within steps of the Aria divider.

Will other MGM properties follow Park’s lead on this non-smoking thing? We’ll need to wait and see. But, for now, the location is a welcomed outlier that I appreciate.


As it just so happens, Park MGM is home to several delicious dining locations, several of which I’ve been able to try for myself. The first is La La Noodle — a casual Asian eatery with both indoor and patio seating. In particular, we were fans of the chicken wings, scallion pancakes, fried rice, and (of course) noodles at this place. While it’s not exactly cheap, it’s also not the priciest option, so you can certainly fill up with your $100 FHR credit.

Next is Bavettes. You may be familiar with this Chicago steakhouse, which offers an ambiance that can only be described as “classic.” With this being a steakhouse, you know what you’re in for — and it’s all tasty. Personally, I’d stick with the filet and be sure to get some truffled mac and cheese as well as some mashed potatoes for shareable sides.

Finally, the other option I want to highlight is the largest: Eataly. Depending on how you arrive at Park MGM, you might actually walk through the Eataly food court before you ever even reach your room or the casino floor. As I alluded to, this isn’t just one restaurant but a series of stands each serving a variety of items — but there’s a table service location off to the side as well.

On the whole, I’d say that Eataly is pretty expensive for counter service, but you can find some less expensive options. You can also feel free to mix and match between stands, although this means waiting in separate lines. All in all, I think this will definitely be a favorite for some, but it can be a hassle at times. If it were me, I might aim for a reservation at the table service location instead of contending with the food court portion.

Charging to your room

Whether you’re using your Amex FHR dining credit or just want to charge expenses to your room for simplicity’s sake, there is a small quirk to know about regarding NoMad rooms. While most MGM properties have five-digit room numbers, NoMad’s are only four. Because of this, when charging to your room from Park MGM or any other MGM location on the Strip, you’ll need to add a ‘0’ to the front. For example, while you may be in room 3233, you’d write 03233. You might also need to remind your server that NoMad is at Park MGM if they happen to look confused, but this only happened to us on one occasion.

A peek inside the Suite Royale Premiere

While we’re talking about NoMad, I thought I’d share a quick look at another one of the hotel’s room types, the Suite Royal Premiere. This is actually a two-bedroom suite, complete with two and a half bathrooms, a dining room, a study, a mini-kitchen/bar area (no oven, range, or microwave but a full-sized fridge and Nespresso machine), a billiards table, and more. Needless to say, it’s a pretty impressive space — and one I’ve had the great fortune to stay in. Again, this was thanks to my high roller friend, who invited us to stay with him on a previous trip.

From my understanding, there are a limited number of these suites. In fact, when you look on the NoMad site, this is one of the rooms that ask you to call for availability instead of just allowing you to book. Meanwhile, there’s also a one-bedroom version that still has a lot of the same amenities without the extra bathroom and bedroom.

Honestly, I have no idea how much this room would go for if and when it is paid for and it almost certainly wouldn’t be worth that cost… but it is pretty awesome. Plus, with the suite being located on the top floor, it offered great views of the Strip below. While I’m sure swankier, more extensive, and more ridiculous properties can be found in Vegas, I have to admit that I felt pretty damn fancy here while still staying in the world of practicality. So, should you ever have the chance to snag one of these rooms for a price you decide is reasonable, I’d recommend it.

Final Thoughts on NoMad

After only a couple of visits, NoMad has quickly become one of my favorite places on the Strip to stay — and not just because I got to stay there for free. With a great location that suits my interests, some tasty dining locations featuring a variety of cuisines, a smoke-free environment, and a boutique feel, there’s a lot to love about NoMad and the greater Park MGM property. Plus, with rooms starting at a reasonable $139 via the Fine Hotels + Resort program, I think this could be a great pick when you factor in the $100 per stay dining credit that comes with such bookings.

In terms of criticisms or advisories, I’d warn that smokers may not be as pleased about this place as I am. Additionally, as I mentioned, our Atelier room probably isn’t well-suited for travel partners who aren’t romantically or physically involved (for lack of a better set of phrases). Plus, if you’re visiting for the first time and entering from the front of the hotel, you may have a bit of a hard time finding exactly where NoMad check-in is. But, for those looking to catch a concert, go to a game, or just enjoy a less-hectic Vegas adventure, I think NoMad is a great pick on the Strip.


Kyle Burbank

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