Personal Capital is Giving Away a Tesla In a Promotion for New Users

Has there ever been a better time to own an electric vehicle? Even as someone who doesn’t drive around town too much, seeing the gas prices as of late has made me very thankful to at least have a hybrid — and even more thankful that I’m not in California. If you’re like me, you may have looked up prices of Teslas on Carvana recently and realized that, even used, they still fetch a pretty penny. Well, I have a slight bit of good news as now you have a chance to win a Tesla instead! What’s more, all you’ll have to do to enter is sign up for one of my favorite financial tools: Personal Capital.

For those unfamiliar with Personal Capital, it’s a free platform that allows you monitor all of your banking and brokerage accounts in one place. In addition to tracking your net worth and other figures, you can also get a closer look at the holdings in your retirement accounts. Furthermore, the platform offers a retirement planning tool and even has a feature that will assess the fees your paying while explaining how they’re impacting your earnings.

I’ve actually been using Personal Capital for years and have found it to be an extremely useful tool for monitoring my ever-growing list of accounts. Beyond that convenience, it’s also been motivating as I’ve been able to see my net worth rise. What’s funny is that, even as that’s happened, I haven’t felt as though I actually was making progress since my bank account balances remain in a certain range. In reality, the money we’ve managed to put away in our taxable and retirement accounts have been quietly growing (yes, even after with recent slump). Thus, had Personal Capital not made this easy for me to recognize, I might not feel as confident in our finances as I am.

Anyway, to get started with Personal Capital and have a shot at winning a Tesla Model 3, you’ll first want to visit their site using my link. Then, after you create your free account, you’ll earn one entry for every account you link to the platform (up to 20). Currently, this offer is only good until August 31st, 2022.

Let me be realistic for a second and point out that the odds of you winning this Tesla Model 3 are pretty slim. That said, someone has to win it, right? Meanwhile, I am truly a fan of Personal Capital so I’d see this as a good excuse to get started with the platform regardless. So, if you’re curious, be sure to check out Personal Capital using my link — and good luck!

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