Skyroam Currently Offering $30 Off Solis X WiFi Hotspot

Quick Tips - Skyroam Currently Offering $30 Off Solis X WiFi Hotspot

Skyroam Currently Offering $30 Off Solis X WiFi Hotspot

Just moments ago, I learned that the state of Missouri (where I live) will enter Phase 3 of its vaccine distribution plan on April 9th. This means that, in just a couple of weeks, I will be eligible to get my first inoculation and, hopefully, start getting back to normal life — including traveling. It seems I’m not alone in thinking that travel will soon be picking up as a number of brands have been ramping up their offers and promotions. Now, this list includes Skyroam, which specializes in portable WiFi devices and data. For a limited time, Skyroam is offering $30 off their Skyroam Solis X device, taking the price down from the standard $179 to $149. To take advantage of this deal, you’ll just need to enter the code SPRING30 at checkout.

As I’ve shared before, I been using Skyroam for a few years now, taking it along on trips as both a portable and backup WiFi connection option. The Solis X is the Skyroam’s top-tier hotspot, offering 4G LTE connections in more than 135 countries. In addition to its available WiFi service, this particular model builds in a few other features as well. For one, the unit can double as a power bank thanks to its 4700 milliampere-hour (mAh) battery. Meanwhile, one of the more random but potentially useful features is that the Solis X has an 8-megapixel camera that can be used to record or livestream and can be activated remotely.

Of course, if you’re looking for a different WiFi option, Skyroam also offers the Solis Lite for $119. While the Lite includes the same data capabilities as the X, you’ll need an additional accessory if you wish to use it as a power bank. Additionally, the Lite excludes the camera feature. Finally, for a limited time, Skyroam is also selling refurbished versions of their Solis 1 model — which is actually the model I bought and use — available for $49.

I should note a few things about Skyroam’s service. First, since these hotspots rely on cellular data, they won’t work on airplanes, cruise ships, remote areas, or other places where cell connection is not available. Also, their “unlimited” plans may be subject to throttling after you consume a certain amount of data in a set period of time. For that reason, I actually prefer their GoData plans where you can purchase gigabytes of data at a time. However, signing up for a GoData plan will lead it to automatically renew monthly, so be sure to cancel if you don’t want this to happen.

In the event that you do miss the $30 off sale or prefer to try the Solis Lite or Solis 1 instead, you can use the promo code MONEYAT30 at checkout for 10% off (note that this will not stack with the SPRING30 offer). So, if you’re looking for a portable WiFi solution as the hope of travel resuming intensifies, now may be a good time to try Skyroam.

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