Travel Tuesday: 5 Interesting Travel Products I’ve Seen Advertised on Instagram

Well, there’s no getting around it: now is not a great time for travel. I suppose that means I choose the wrong time to start a bi-weekly travel series… but I’m committed to keeping up that schedule. So, instead of focusing on travel itself this week, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at some travel related products that I’ve found interesting or even tempting. More specifically, I wanted to highlight items I’ve discovered thanks to Instagram ads.

Considering how these items were brought to my attention in the first place, I will warn you that clicking on the links I’ve included here will surely lead to these companies following you around the Internet as well. With that minor advisory out of the way, let’s take a look at these clever, useful, and perhaps just a bit silly travel items:

Allbirds shoes

First up is a product that I actually recently purchased thanks in part to their frequent ads: Allbirds. Funny enough, I still see incessant spots from their competitors now, but that’ll happen with social media. In any case, while these shoes emphasize natural and sustainable materials that might not necessarily be geared towards travelers, I saw particularly benefits in their Mizzles line. Between the comfortable build, casual yet unique design, and their waterproof treatment, I wish I had these shoes with me on some rainy days I’ve spent walking abroad.

As I mentioned, I did end up buying these  — so stay tuned for a full review once I have a chance to put them to the test.

BauBax jacket

This is a Kickstarter campaign product if I’ve ever seen one. The BauBax Travel Jacket (currently in model 2.0) says it includes more than 20 features, while retaining a lightweight and stylish design. What are those 20 features? Well, the majority are pockets to hold just about anything you can imagine. Meanwhile, some of the more intriguing features include an inflatable neck pillow, built-in eyeshade, a zipper than doubles as a pen, a blanket, and even a footrest.

All in all, while I do find that the BauBax travel jacket looks good in pictures and has some intriguing features, I also think it might be a bit much. I’m also guessing that it wouldn’t make it through TSA Pre✓‘s metal detector — which seems like a must for any travel jacket I would want. But if you want to feel like MacGyver or a poor man’s Batman when you fly, this could be for you.

Quikflip hoodie

While I question the actual necessity of the BauBax jacket, I 100% see the appeal of the Quikflip. Basically, this company makes hoodies and jackets that can quickly and easily transform into a backpack — and one you can even stick other items in.

As someone who’s often brought a bag for the explicit purpose of carrying a hoodie (example: California always gets cold after dusk somehow), this is perhaps the most ingenious thing I’ve ever heard of. In fact, the only reason I haven’t purchased one of their items yet is because I can’t decide which one to get! Part of me says just go for the classic hoodie, while the other part wonders if I should have a travel rain jacket to go with my Allbirds Mizzles. I guess I’ll have some extra time to think it over but color me very, very interested.


So far on this list, we’ve looked at fairly practical items that are often clever or enhanced versions of clothing staples you already own. And then there’s Soarigami — something you probably never knew you needed.

Made to look like a paper airplane, Soarigami clips to the armrest of most airline seats, allowing you and your neighbor to share the space. Hey, it’s like social distancing for your forearm! Although the idea of the product is for you to pitch its use to the stranger beside you, I don’t think I’d ever be brave enough to try that. Instead, I’ll be using it (yes, I bought this one too) to use with my wife. I’ll let you know what I think of it after I get to fly again.

Trtl neck pillow

Last up is the Trtl neck pillow. This is another one that I have seen ads for more times than I can count — yet I’ve never really paid all that much attention to it if I’m being honest. However, looking at it now, it actually seems like a pretty smart idea.

Not only does this wraparound design look far more convenient than the inflatable or beanbag varieties of neck pillows but the product also comes in some attractive colors. I will also say that it looks far less embarrassing than some similar items — sure, that shouldn’t matter but it does. Additionally, at a price of $30-$35 with free shipping in the U.S., this just might be another product I end up reviewing once our travels resume.

Even though I can’t travel now — and probably shouldn’t be spending money on non-essentials — I can’t help but let these and other products catch my eye while endlessly scrolling Instagram. Although I’ve already purchased a couple of these items, others have yet to fully win me over. But what do you think? — which of these Instagrammable travel items is your favorite?


Kyle Burbank

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I find soarigami very interesting since its sometimes awkward to share armrest with a stranger on an airplane, this can be a great tool.

When traveling, I always bring a neural colored cardigan, it may serve several purpose and can be paired with different outfit.

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