Travel Tuesday: Aparthotel Adagio Serris (Hipark) Hotel Review

It’s now been a couple of years since I started doing these Travel Tuesday columns, which have now included a number of hotel reviews. Naturally, as a result, when I stay at hotels these days, I know pretty much from the jump that I’ll be writing a review about it. Yet, I realized that there’s one hotel I’ve stayed in multiple times now that I have yet to actually write about: the Aparthotel Adagio Serris in Val d’Europe, France. Located just a short walk from Disneyland Paris, my wife and I have now stayed at this property at least half a dozen times. In fact, I even did a video about it several years ago when it went by the name Hipark. So what is it about this hotel that keeps us coming back — and is it still our favorite place to stay when visiting Disneyland Paris? Let’s get into it.

Aparthotel Adagio Serris Room Review


If you’re considering a stay at the Aparthotel Adagio Serris, you’ll have several options for booking. In fact, I’ve used multiple different routes myself. For our initial stay, I used Expedia to book, while more recent visits have seen me switch over to Amex Travel in a bid to get 5x points from my Platinum card. Aparthotel Adagio is also an Accor property, so you can book directly through them.

Regardless of which option you choose, be aware that you will need to pay city and local taxes upon check-in. In my experience, this fee has been pretty nominal and should be noted on your booking confirmation.

In terms of price, we’ve often been able to book a studio room for less than $100 a night — although this will certainly depend on the time of year you’re visiting. One thing I can say for sure is that it’s definitely far cheaper than the Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, which is found at Disneyland Paris. For context, one night at that hotel would have cost as much as we paid for five nights at Adagio on our last stay. Thus, I’d put Aparthotel Adagio Serris in the “affordable” category as far as accommodations go.


As mentioned, the reason we’ve stayed at Aparthotel Adagio and Hipark before is because of its proximity to Disneyland Paris. In total, the walk from the lobby to the Disney property is about 15-minutes and requires crossing just one little street. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel like walking, a free shuttle service is also offered at select times.

Beyond Disneyland, Aparthotel Adagio is also near two shopping centers, a train station, and a number of other offerings. While you will be about 45 minutes away from the heart of Paris by train, having that gare there can definitely be useful. Moreover, heading to the Marne la Valee station near Disneyland, you’ll also be able to take a TGV train to Charles de Gaulle Airport (a 10-minute trip) or a number of European cities.


Incidentally, “aparthotel” isn’t just part of this property’s name but is also an apt description of what it offers. Stateside, we might refer to this as an extended stay, residence, or villa set-up. In other words, the room is equipped with features that make it feel more like a place to live rather than just a place to sleep. Most notably, each room has a kitchenette with a stovetop, microwave, sink, dishwasher, and more (but no traditional oven). On that note, the room also comes equipped with all of the flatware and dishware you might need. In our experience, this set-up has been key as cooking in our room has helped us save a lot of money during our occasionally lengthy stays.

Because it is an aparthotel, it should be noted that housekeeping is less frequent than at other hotels (or at least how hotels used to be). If you’re staying for fewer than five days, your room won’t be made up at all. For stays longer than that, you’ll be allotted a certain number of cleanings and can contact the front desk for scheduling. Honestly, we’ve actually never bothered with this as we typically turn down housekeeping anyway, but it’s something to know regardless.

The room

Typically, we’ve stayed in one of the property’s studio rooms. This includes the aforementioned kitchenette along with a table, desk, and a double bed. In some cases, we’ve actually had what seemed to be a pull-out bed instead of a regular one, but that seemed to be a one-off situation. As for the bathroom, it has a tub with a shower — and of course that little half-sheet of glass that does a remarkably bad job at keeping water from getting on the floor. While that part is annoying, I will say that one of my favorite features in the bathroom is the towel warming rack.

Although the room isn’t exactly large, it does offer a significant amount of storage that can at least help you free up some space. In between the bed and the bathroom is a closet with built-in shelves, perfect for keeping your outfits organized. Additionally, as people who are often working from our room, we’ve come to appreciate the various places to sit, including the desk that’s found under the television.

Meanwhile, my wife has also had the chance to check out a one-bedroom unit at Aparthotel Adagio. According to her, while the extra space was nice, there were some quirks to note. Namely, she found it a bit odd that one bathroom was home to the toilet, while the sink and shower were over in the other bathroom. There was also no TV in the bedroom, if that’s a big deal for you. Elsewhere, some units also have balconies if that’s a feature you’re interested in having.


Beyond your room, the Aparthotel Adagio has some other notable amenities. Most obviously, there’s a pool that resides in the courtyard found in the center of the building. Yet, our most-used amenity is the self-service laundry room on the first floor. For those looking for some exercise or a good sweat, there’s also a fitness room as well as a sauna. These areas are all accessible using your guest room key card.


When you book your room or when you check-in, you may have the option to add daily breakfast to your stay. This meal will be served in the hotel’s dining room, located across from the front desk. However, beyond the dining room, there are some snacks and other items to be found at Aparthotel Adagio Serris. Near the front desk is a mini-market, including packaged foods and beverages for purchase. Additionally, down the hall, near the dining room, there’s also a pair of vending machines.

Luckily, there are plenty of other dining options not too far from the property. If you’re headed to Disneyland Paris, there’s a Five Guys just before security or a bevy of options in the resort’s Disney Village area. Heading the other way, there’s a great boulangerie we visit near-daily during our stays. And then there’s the Centre Commercial Val d’Europe. In this mall, you’ll not only find a number of table and counter service options but there’s also an Auchan market. Since Aparthotel’s room come equipped with kitchenettes, our favorite move is to stock up on items from Auchan when we arrive, pick up a baguette or two at the boulangerie, and eat the majority of our meals in our room.

The bottom line is that, whether you stay on property or venture a few meters away, you’ll have plenty of dining options to pick from.

Our recent stays

Since staying there for the first time five years ago, we’ve often sung the praises of this property. Unfortunately, our last couple of stays haven’t felt quite as wonderful. Although the staff has been as friendly as ever and our rooms have mostly met our needs, we have noticed a few areas that suggest that maintenance and upkeep are lacking. For example, during our stay last December, it was obvious that the track for the window shades hadn’t been cleaned in some time. I’m not super picky about such things, but this was disturbingly gross. Then, in March, we were actually placed into what must have been an accessible room with a significantly different layout. That wasn’t a deal-breaker but we were disappointed to find the room missing some items we’ve had in other rooms (such as a kettle, bottle opener, etc.) and had some bubbling flooring, scuffed paint, and a bathroom sink that barely had a stream.

To be clear, the issues we’ve noticed as of late haven’t been that severe nor have they posed any danger. I should also note that, while we probably should have, we didn’t even mention any of these findings to the staff. Still, as I’m wrapping the past several years of stays into this one review, I felt these more recent experiences needed to be mentioned.

Final Thoughts on the Aparthotel Adagio Serris

For years, we’ve cited the Aparthotel Adagio Serris (which we still often call Hipark) as our favorite place to stay near Disneyland Paris. Thanks to their practical amenities including the in-room kitchenette as well as the on-property laundry room, it really does feel like a second home when we stay there. Plus, the short walk to Disney Village makes this the perfect location for us. Sadly, it does seem as though the property has gone a bit downhill as of late. I have to imagine that this need for TLC is a result of the pandemic and hope that things will improve as tourism returns. However, given our past two stays, the hotel isn’t the slam-dunk recommendation it once was.

With the odds that we’ll be returning to Disneyland Paris in the coming months now increasing, so too are the chances we’ll soon be in for another Aparthotel Adagio stay. If that happens, I’ll be sure to update with my latest impressions — for better or worse.

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