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Robinhood Wallet icon

Robinhood's Wallet App is Now Available — And Offering a Bonus

Last fall, Robinhood debuted its non-custodial crypto wallet to a select number of users. Now, the standalone app is available to all iOS users, with an Android version coming "later this year." In the meantime, those who download and try this new application may be able to earn themselves a...
Enhance Speech

Adobe's Audio Enhance Tool Could be a Gamechanger for Creators

When it comes to YouTube videos, I've heard it said that audio quality is actually more important than video quality. I happen to agree as, if I can't hear the person speaking clearly, I'll turn of a video whereas I'm more forgiving if the picture isn't great. And while this...
illustration of Upright GO 2 in use

Reviewing the Upright GO 2 - $100 for Better Posture Reminders?

I'm not the kind to regularly make New Year's resolutions but, this year, I made a few. Among them, I set a goal to improve my posture, as I'm an undoubted sloucher. Unfortunately, unlike other habits I've built or eliminated over the years, this one has proven difficult for me...
at the airport holding a ticket

Get Set for Summer Travel with These Credit Card Intro Bonuses

It may only be February, but you can bet that a number of Americans are already looking forward to the summer. In particular, many are likely planning their summer travel plans as I speak. For them, several co-branded credit cards from airline and hotel brands are currently offering enhanced welcome...
Delta Skymiles American Express Platinum Card

Delta's Credit Cards Just Added a New Award Travel Benefit

Isn't it nice when credit cards add new perks without taking anything away? Well, that happened again this past week as Delta introduced the new "TakeOff 15" feature to its line-up of American Express co-branded cards (save the no-annual-fee SkyMiles Blue card). Even better, this benefit comes without any increase...
Buy Bitcoin Get Rewards

Fold Now Allows Users to Buy Bitcoin in the App

The last time I wrote about Fold, things didn't go too well as the app nullified my "quick tip" only a few days after I highlighted it. Despite this, I'm going to give it another go because the app has added a new feature that I think is interesting. Now,...
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Starbucks Summer Game

Starbucks' Summer Game is Back and You Could Score Free Stars

I feel as though I'm kind of going back to my roots with this week's Quick Tip: discussing a new Starbucks promotion. If you're newer to my site, pre-pandemic, my wife and I would go to Starbucks every weekend as a means of hanging out with our favorite baristas, enjoying...
illustration of a sad woman starring at a wall

Cutting Your Loses: My Brokerage Battle and How I Finally Fixed It

Late last year, word came down that the app Bumped — which allowed customers to earn stock in the companies they made purchases from — was shutting down. As bummed as I was at the time, it turns out that this announcement would only be the start of my troubles....
Sapphire Lounge entrance

Travel Tuesday: Understanding Chase's New Sapphire Lounge

When Chase announced that it was opening a number of airport lounges in partnership with The Club, there were several questions I and others had. At the top of the list, with The Club being a staple of Priority Pass membership, it seemed fair to assume that those with Priority...
TD Clear Visa Card

TD Bank Has a Pretty Dumb New Idea for a Credit Card Product

Doing what I do, I've seen several new credit card products come down the pike in recent years. Some of these are fairly boring (like 2% flat rate cards — they have a use but they're not exciting), others as more interesting but not for me (see: Ness Card), and...