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Smart Brevity book cover

"Smart Brevity" Book Review — Can it Help Improve Your Writing?

I'm not 100% sure when it was that I first heard about the site Axios. Regardless, these days, I'm subscribed to several of their newsletters, regularly visit their website, and may or may not have already taken some inspiration from them when revamping the news style of the Disney site...
robot hand and a human hand holding a pen

Blogging Tools: AI Writing Generator Test

Previously when I kicked off my Blogging Tools series, I shared a look at some services you can use to improve your writing by fixing grammatical and spelling errors. Well, today, we're taking things to a new level and looking at tools that will actually do the writing for you!...
Writing on an iMac

Blogging Tools: Writing and Grammar Tools

It's been a while since I've written about writing. While this section of my site has sat up next to more frequently covered topics such as Travel, I haven't explored the meta opportunities of blogging about the practice of blogging for far too long. So, today, I'm working to correct...
blogger on a laptop

Starting a Blog in 2021: Setting Up, Growing, and Monetizing Your Site

It’s crazy to think that, just a few years ago, the term “blog” was just a strange word that few fully understood. Today there are blogs for just about any topic or niche you could conceive of and a diverse array of talented writers producing content for an equally diverse...
writing a book

The Author Journey: Combating Headwinds

A few months ago, I resolved to finally get cracking on a book idea that had been floating around in my head for some time now. To correspond with this goal, I also decided to launch a monthly blog series taking you through the ups and downs of preparing a...
Write someting

The Author Journey: About the Book I'm Working On

Over the past few months, I've been penning a blog post series here on Money@30 chronicling a book project I'm writing. In previous editions, I've looked at how I was preparing myself to write as well as sharing the successes and stumbles I've encountered while trying to put pen to...
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woman holding Starbucks and a cell phone

BofA Customers Can Now Earn Bonus Cashback at Starbucks

Sometimes I come across a story and just know that it's perfect for my weekly Quick Tip. That's exactly what happened when I saw that Starbucks was teaming up with Bank of America for a new partnership. Initially, I assumed that this was just a new Starbucks Rewards credit card...
view from outside of Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel

Travel Tuesday: Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel Review

Something funny about me is that, despite being a huge Disney fan who knows the parks like the back of my hand, I can count the number of times I've stayed on Walt Disney World property on just a few fingers. But, while continuing our Florida trip that saw us...
Yale Assure Lock 2 and app

A Quick Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch Review - Is it Worth the Cost?

Back in October, when it became clear that we were nearing our first home purchase, I highlighted three purchases we were making as soon as we closed on the house. One of those items was locks — including the possibility of purchasing a smart lock. Well, sure enough, we decided...
Adobe Creative Cloud logo

How I Instantly Saved Money on My Adobe Subscription

It was nearly one year ago that I shared how I was putting several of my subscriptions on the chopping block and making other efforts to save money each month. As part of that push, I explored the idea of using other video and audio editing platforms so that I...