Travel Tuesday: My 7 Favorite Travel Tuesday Posts of 2022

For many Americans, 2022 marked a true return to travel. And while, as I write this, air travel is snarled and looking rather nightmarish, the year turned out to be pretty decent for the industry and travelers alike. As for me, during the year, I reviewed a number of hotel rooms, accessories, and more while also writing about a few other travel-related topics. So, to close out the year, I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorite posts (7, in fact) from 2022.

My Top Travel Articles and Reviews from 2022

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Review

To start things off, I definitely needed to include what is easily my most unique “hotel” experience of the year. Just a few weeks after the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser debuted at Walt Disney World, my friends and I got to participate in the two-day experience for ourselves… and it only cost us a combined total of $6,600. So was it worth it? You’ll have to read my full review to find out, of course.

How Much is Airline Lounge Access Really Worth?

Airport lounge access is a common perk among many premium travel cards these days, yet it’s hard to really put a specific value on such a benefit. Nevertheless, I did my best to explain the appeal and potential money-saving power of airport lounges in this post.

InCharge Cables Review — Tech Minimalism for Travel

After returning home from CES this year, I ordered up some InCharge cables from Rolling Square that I had a chance to check out on the show floor. With the company’s “tech minimalism” mantra, I was excited to try these out and take them on the road. Sure enough, they’ve become a staple of my travels ever since. Plus, for what it’s worth, since writing this review, I actually ended up buying yet another cable from them during their Black Friday sale.

Mirage Resort King Room Hotel Review

Admittedly, this one makes my list for a specific reason: as of last week, the Mirage is now in the hands of Hard Rock. Knowing this was coming, I decided to check out the property this past January while it was still under the control of MGM. Spoiler: I found my stay to be pretty pleasant, although there were a few quirks to be found. By the way, despite the handover, I’m guessing there won’t be too many big changes at the hotel in the immediate future, although major shake ups are to be expected in the future — including the addition of a giant guitar-shaped tower.

Crockfords Las Vegas (Resorts World) Hotel Review

While we’re talking Vegas, on a separate trip to Sin City this summer, I decided to cash in my American Express Platinum card’s Fine Hotels & Resorts credit for a night at Crockfords — a Hilton property located in the still-very-new Resorts World. That newness was definitely on display during our stay and we were treated to some fun surprises along the way. Even better, we managed to turn the dining credits into three meals for the two of us. Overall, it’s one I’d recommend as long as you’re okay with the location (more on that in the review!).

Donating Your Travel Currency

Now for an article I penned only a few short weeks ago after falling down a rabbit hole on Giving Tuesday. As it turns out, there are several travel brands that allow their loyal customers to donate their points and miles to charity. In some cases, these non-profits actually use the miles for flights while, in other cases, the points are turned into cash. Either way, it’s something to keep in mind beyond the holiday season.

Aeropress Go Travel Coffee Press Review

Finally, another new addition to our home that’s now a must-have travel accessory is our Aeropress. Specifically, we got an Aeropress Go, which — in conjunction with our foldable electric kettle — makes it even easier to enjoy delicious coffee while on the road. What’s more, the device offers easy clean-up and is self-contained. Basically, whether you just crave quality coffee or want to save money while traveling, the Aeropress Go could be part of your solution.

So there you have it: my top 7 Travel Tuesday articles from 2022. On a personal note, I’m super pleased with myself for keeping this feature alive and on schedule for another full year! With that, here’s to 2023 and many more great travels.

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