Travel Tuesday: Luxor Tower Elite King and NoMad Classic King Hotel Room Reviews

After a short break, I’m back with more of my Las Vegas Content Bonanza™. Technically, this is actually a new season of the Bonanza as it comes from my latest trip to Sin City in October 2021. And while I typically like to give in-depth looks at hotel properties and the room products I stay in, this time I wanted to look at two hotels I’ve already reviewed: Luxor and NoMad. However, having stayed in (slightly) different room types at each location this time around, I thought I’d provide some updates on how each experience compared to my previous stay — for better or worse.

With that, let’s take a look at my stays in a Luxor Tower Elite King room followed by a NoMad Classic King room.

Luxor Tower Elite King Room Review

I know what you’re thinking — didn’t I already try the Luxor Tower Elite King room when I (happily) got booted from my Pyramid room on my previous trip? Point of fact: that was actually the Tower Premium Room. So then what makes this one “Elite.” Well, the answer is quite literally a sink, a mini-fridge, and a coffee maker. Otherwise, the two are near identical. In fact, the Luxor site shows a hilarious 1 square foot size difference between them.

Now that we’ve established that this is basically already a room I’ve reviewed… why did I bother doing it again? A few reasons. First, I had an Amex Offer for $60 back when I spent $300 at select MGM properties — with this shortlist including the Luxor. Add this to the discount I got for having Mlife Gold status and it was a pretty good deal. Next, while I enjoyed exploring several different properties last time, moving rooms three times over the course of a week was kind of a pain. Thus, I wanted to stay somewhere that allowed for an easy shift over to NoMad for the weekend. Finally, since coffee makers are a bit hard to come by in many major Vegas hotels, the novelty of having one for ourselves appealed to me.

Starting with that, imagine my disappointment to discover that, while there was indeed a coffee maker in the room, there was no coffee stocked. Moreover, the machine wasn’t the Keurig I for some reason expected and was instead one that took filter pods. In other words, there wasn’t a good way to make our own coffee. The next morning, we did find a housekeeper and asked for some coffee and she did provide us some… decaf. Perhaps we could have tried again or asked the front desk but, at that point, we had already moved on to ordering an Aeropress (review coming in a future Travel Tuesday). Is it silly to harp on something as small as a coffee maker for an entire paragraph now? Assuredly. But, it was a significant reason for my selecting the room that I did. And, in my defense, the image shown on Luxor’s site does feature a nice set of coffee accessories that definitely didn’t exist in our room. Just sayin’.

On the bright side, the room did have a working mini-fridge. This amenity is one reason I’ve occasionally preferred rooms at some Caesar’s properties, which tend to offer free fridges compared to most MGM rooms that, at best, have a minibar with a “courtesy shelf” you can use. The reason I enjoy having a fridge so much is simple: it allows us to store snacks and leftovers. Sure enough, we made use of this on a multitude of occasions, allowing us to enjoy Cake Boss cake slices, deli sandwiches, and other treats across multiple servings instead of gorging ourselves at once or keeping these items at potentially unsafe temperatures.

Another upgrade I’ll shout out is the King bed versus the two Queens we had last time. While it shouldn’t really make a difference, I found the King to be more comfortable even setting aside the size difference. However, I still wasn’t a fan of the bedding and could have used some sort of comforter.

Finally, I should mention that, on one of the nights we were there, the water was shut off for a couple of hours. This was done in the middle of the night (2 a.m. to 4 a.m. apparently) and so it didn’t affect us directly. However, in the morning, we had to run each sink as well as the shower for a significant length of time before they stopped freaking out, dispensing air, etc. If you’ve ever turned off your water and turned it back on, you know what I’m talking about. Ultimately, this wasn’t a huge inconvenience and I’m glad the water wasn’t shut off at a time we actually needed it but it was slightly annoying nonetheless.

Overall, at this time, I do still think that Luxor’s Tower rooms are the way to go at that property — aside from a few very specific Pyramid rooms on the first few floors or perhaps the suites on the uppermost floors. Despite my disappointment in the coffee situation, the room itself was actually fairly nice and the elevator situation was not the nightmare we experienced on our previous Pyramid stay. Depending on the pricing, the fridge alone might be reason enough to opt for the Elite over the Premium, but I’m not sure either is really the best value in Vegas once the resort fee is factored in. That said, if you have MGM comps, an Amex deal, or other perks, you could certainly do worse yourself.

NoMad Classic King Room Review

Just like the last time I stayed at NoMad — which, as you’ll recall, is the hotel that occupies the top four floors of Park MGM — I do need to mention that my room was complimentary thanks to my friend’s high roller status. Previously, we stayed in one of NoMad’s Atelier rooms but, presumably due the hotel being completely full during our stay, this time around we were placed in a Classic King room. While this room is smaller and lacks a couple of features, the “lesser” room might not actually have been the step down you’d expect.

One of the first things I mentioned in my Atelier room review was its unique layout. This includes the fact that there’s a bathroom with a toilet and sink separate from another bathroom with a shower and sink. Meanwhile, the Classic King skips that two half-bath nonsense and just gives you a regular full bathroom — fine by me!

The other big difference is that the Classic King lacks the pedestal tub found in the main bedroom area of the Atelier. As cool as that tub looked in our other room, we honestly didn’t have a use for it. Therefore, we are also totally good with this missing element.

As for where the two rooms do overlap, the unique style we loved about the Atelier carries over here. This includes the button light switches, trunk-esque mini-bar, chaise lounge seating, classy room dividers, and more. I really love the look of this room and definitely felt at home in it.

While we’re talking comfort, the bedding at NoMad is what I was dreaming of while at Luxor. The duvet was divine as were the pillows. It’s not often that easy-to-impress little ol’ me can really see a difference in quality but these differences were striking.

Before we get to one minor issue we had, I also want to note the view we had. With us being on the top floor and located on the opposite side of the hall from last time, we could see New York New York’s roller coaster, T-Mobile Arena (with its pretty magenta glow at night), Luxor, Mandalay Bay, and more from our window, which was nice. Alas, that same window did cause some issues as it seemed the weather stripping or whatever had worn off over time. Thanks to some breezy and later windy conditions in Las Vegas, the sound created in our room was surprisingly loud. We did manage to reduce the noise a bit by jamming some cardboard in the gap, but it was still pretty significant. Thankfully, aside from a short time on our first day and a lot more just before we checked out, the wind noise was not noticeable.

The last thing I want to mention before my summation is that NoMad’s check-in desk is a bit harder to find than I let on in my initial review. If you’re getting dropped off at the property, it shouldn’t be a problem as the desk is just to the right of where the NoMad entry doors are. However, if you’re coming in from the Strip and following signs for NoMad, there’s a strong chance you end up at the bar or the Library venue, which are both located down the hall that bears a neon NoMad logo. Instead, you’ll want to head to the right of the High Limit table games (and left of High Limit slots) until you reach Starbucks, then hang a left to where the elevator banks are, turn left again to head through the elevator bank with black and red carpeting, and finally follow that until you arrive at the check-in area to the right. See — even that was confusing! But, if you stick with the dimly lit black and red motif as opposed to the brighter minty green, you should do fine differentiating NoMad from Park MGM proper.

At the risk of showing bias due to my comped rooms, NoMad has quickly become one of my favorite places to stay on the Strip. Of course, price could be an issue, which is why I’m happy to know that I may actually prefer the Classic King room to the more expensive Atelier. At the same time, if you were to book via Amex’s Fine Hotels + Resorts program or were otherwise offered an upgrade, I wouldn’t turn it down. If you’re looking for somewhere cozy, classy, and smoke-free, I do think it’s worth giving NoMad a look.

So there you have it: two hotel review updates for the price of one. While it was great revisiting two properties I’m familiar with and finding nuances in their room types, I’m excited to try some different options on our next Las Vegas adventure. On that note, if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!


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