American Express Just Made an Awesome Update to Its Amex Offers Interface

Quick Tips - American Express Just Made an Awesome Update to Its Amex Offers Interface

American Express Just Made an Awesome Update to Its Amex Offers Interface

If you’ve spent much time on this site at all, you’ve likely seen me mention Amex Offers. But, just in case, let me refresh you: Amex Offers are special deals that American Express card customers can opt into. While some of these offers are widely circulated, others are more targeted — and occasionally quite lucrative. However, one slight downside was that cardholders would need to scroll through all (up to 100) of their available offers just to find the ones that might appeal to them. Well, now American Express has made a small but significant update to its Amex Offer interface that makes the process of browsing deals a bit easier.

Looking at my available Offers yesterday, I noticed that the desktop site has now added a variety of filters that you can select to narrow down your list. In some cases, these filters highlight the different categories — such as Entertainment, Dining, Travel, etc. Meanwhile, there are also filters that distinguish between the different types of Offers, including Cash Back or Extra Rewards. Similarly, you can view online-only deals or those that can also be redeemed in stores. There’s also a very useful “Expiring Soon” filter to help ensure you don’t miss out on any deals. By the way, in order to access this interface, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of your Dashboard and click the “View All” button below your featured Offers.

Personally, I really appreciate this update and I think Amex actually did a pretty good job in selecting appropriate filters. That said, selfish me does still have some suggestions for the future. First up, at this time, it seems as though this feature is only available on the website and not in the app. Seeing as I tend to use the mobile app more, I’d love it if the filters made their way to that medium as well. Secondly, instead of having to click to the full list of offers, why doesn’t Amex just include some of these filters on the Dashboard along with the handful of featured offers? Finally, as much as I enjoy the filters, I’d still love to have a search function as well. Granted, I’m not exactly sure how I’d use search in most cases, but there are times when I see word of a specific targeted offer and I’d like to quickly see if it’s available to me. Still, being able to narrow down my list by selecting the corresponding parameters of a given offer will get me a lot closer to finding it (or, in those disappointing cases, not finding it).

Hopefully this is just the beginning of a trend that will see American Express putting more emphasis on their Amex Offers. To me, these have been one of the surprise hits of my Amex cards, saving me more than $900 over the past 18 months or so. Therefore, I look forward to not only getting more great offers that I can use but also being able to find them just that much easier.


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