Travel Tuesday: Paris Las Vegas Hotel Room Review

So far this year, I’ve done far more traveling than I anticipated. Because of that, I nearly forgot about one of the entries for my Las Vegas Content Bonanza™. This past January, before going to real Paris, my wife and I spent five nights at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Sin City. Thus, I’m here to share my thoughts on this property, our room, and what is perhaps the greatest elevator experience I’ve ever had. With that amazing tease, let’s get to it.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel Review


As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of ways to book a stay at Paris Las Vegas. However, in my case, I choose to book directly through Caesars. This was mostly because, at the time, I had Diamond status with them, which waived the resort fees. If you can book directly, I’d recommend it — but, if you get benefits from using third-party services, that should work just as well. Just be sure to compare rates before making your decision.

Locations and access to the Strip

Paris is located on the southside of what I’d consider to be mid-Strip. Located just north of Planet Hollywood and south of Bally’s, it’s also right across from City Center — which includes Aria, Vdara, Cosmopolitan, Waldorf Astoria, and more. Back to discussing Bally’s (soon to be the Horseshoe after a remodel), Paris connects to that casino and shares a parking garage with it. Depending on where you’re headed, I might recommend taking this walk and exiting near the Grand Bazaar shops to make your way to the Strip.

Another option afforded to you as a Paris guest is the Las Vegas Monorail. When you enter Bally’s, head to the right and downstairs to (eventually) reach the Monorail station. Heading north, you can get to Flamingo/Caesars Palace, Harrah’s/The Linq, the Las Vegas Convention Center, Westgate, and Sahara. Going south, you’re just one stop from the MGM Grand, which is the end of the line. I should point out that this particular stay was timed with this year’s CES, so having this easy access to the monorail was a key reason behind my decision to book Paris.


This might surprise you but Paris, Las Vegas is themed to Paris, France. I know — I was shocked too. I guess that explains the half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower found out front.

In any case, this French theming is carried throughout, with the language as well as some Fran-glish employed. Walking around, you’ll also encounter a Moulin Rouge, cobblestone alleys, and more. My personal favorite French pun is a bank of slot machines with a neon sign reading “Seine City.” Brilliant.

If you’re not a fan of theming, I doubt the presence of this Parisian influence will bother you much. Yet, if you do enjoy it, there are some clever details and touches to discover. Overall, I think it’s done pretty well and has been maintained decently even through the great de-theming of Vegas over the years.

The room

I should mention that this was actually our second stay at Paris. Walking into our room this time, my first impression was that it wasn’t terribly small but wasn’t that large either. However, our Burgundy Room included everything we needed, including a nice desk, a sitting chair, and a good number of outlets near the bed (I’m looking at you, Mirage). Plus, consistent with other Caesars-owned locations we’ve stayed at, Paris has mini-fridges in the rooms, which always proved to be a useful amenity for us.

While the room itself looked nearly identical to one we’d previously stayed in, there was one major difference in the restroom. Rather than the tub we previously had, this room had a large, walk-in shower. In my opinion, this was a huge upgrade — and, although the shower might not have been quite as nice as the one at Bellagio, I’d have to say it wasn’t too far off. Granted, I’m not sure if this was an actual renovation they’ve been making or whether there are just two different room types, but I definitely loved this version.

Overall, this standard room worked perfectly well for our needs. I was also happy to have a pretty great view this time around (seen in my featured image). Throughout our five-night stay, we were definitely comfortable in the room and felt that it was worth the money we paid — especially during CES.

The greatest elevator hack

In the past, I’ve commented a lot on the efficiency or inefficiency of various properties’ elevator banks. As I’ve said, having quick and reliable access to an elevator is a vastly underrated aspect of any hotel experience. That’s why I’m excited to report that I’ve found the ultimate elevator hack at Paris.

By happenstance, our room was on the 26th floor. Approaching the elevator banks, I saw one labeled “Floors 26-[39 I think?]” and so we headed toward those cars. Yet, out of the corner of my eye, I thought the other bank said “Floors 15-26.” So, the next time we went down, we did some investigating and, sure enough, both banks of elevators serviced the 26th floor!

This was amazing because it not only gave us two options in the event that there was a line at either but also allowed us to be the first stop going up and (nearly) insure an empty elevator to start when heading down. Notably, the 15-26 elevator bank had two extra cars for a total of 8 compared to 6 for the other.

I know this sounds silly but this perfect elevator situation really helped elevate our stay at Paris. Never did I ever have to wait to go in either direction, allowing me to get to my room or go about my day easily. In turn, should we stay at Paris again, I will make an effort to request this floor specifically.


At the time that I’m writing this, the dining scene at Paris is a bit in flux. In fact, some new venues have opened since our stay while others are on the way. So, rather than cover everything there, I’ll stick to the places we’ve tried.

Starting with quick service, near the hotel’s registration, you’ll find the Cafe Belle Madeleine. Here, you can choose from various pastries, snacks, and beverages, including a cafe menu. This has been our go-to when we just want something quick or are craving coffee beyond our Aeropress (wow, another review I forgot I need to do still).

Elsewhere, we’ve also tried La Creperie as well as JJ’s Boulangerie. These two counter service locations are right near each other just a short way down from Cafe Belle Madeleine. Notably, both also offer online ordering through Caesars’ website. As for the food, we found both to be perfectly fine. At La Creperie, we each had a surprisingly filling savory crepe while, at JJ’s Boulangerie, we tried a slice of pizza and a sandwich. Again, while both hit the spot and weren’t quite as outrageously priced as some other things in Vegas, neither was really worth writing home about either.

Lastly, we shift to table service to talk about Steak. More formally, Gordon Ramsay Steak. So what’s a British chef doing in a French-themed hotel? Funny you should ask because, as you enter the restaurant, you’ll actually be going through the English Channel (seriously, this is the concept). But anyway, how’s the food? Well, everything I’ve had has been downright amazing… but at a price. On our last visit, our party decided to splurge a bit and tried variations on their American Wagyu, which was fantastic but comes at a cost of about $95. If you’re feeling even richer, they also serve Japanese A5 for about $45 an ounce. I’m sure if you ask an expert, they’ll say that there are better places to get a high-end steak than Steak but, in my mind, this place is a win worthy of a special night if you can swing it.

Final Thoughts on Paris Las Vegas

Grading on a rubric, the Paris Las Vegas might be the best Las Vegas option for us. First, its mid-strip location allows for easy access to just about anywhere we’d want to go — plus, with the Las Vegas Monorail right there, we can go even further without killing our feet. Second, the rooms have practical amenities such as minifridges that other affordable hotels on the Strip don’t. Lastly, as fans of the Disney Parks and other such experiences, we like a little bit of theming, and Paris doesn’t shy away from its roots (how could it?). So, while it may not be my favorite property overall, I think it can be a darn good value and a pleasant stay… especially if you end up on the 26th floor!


Kyle Burbank

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