Teachable Creator Challenge: Why It’s the Perfect Time to Build Your Course

The Internet truly is an amazing place. While we may take it for granted sometimes, the access and connection it brings us is kind of mind-boggling when you stop to think about it. Perhaps one of the most incredible aspects of today’s online world is that you can learn just about anything right from your computer (or even your phone!). Similarly, if you have the knowledge to share, you can take that expertise and turn it into profits. How? By creating an online course.

There are several reasons why offering a digital class could be great for your business. Beyond the dollars and cents, these courses could be used to establish your credibility and build your brand. Of course, despite these benefits, you may still be on the fence about creating a class as you’re stuck wondering where to start.

If that’s the boat you find yourself in, the upcoming Teachable Creator Challange might just be the push you need to get to work and build your course. In fact, if all goes well, you could go from idea to profitable product in 90 days. That’s the basic premise of the Creator Challenge, making it worth a closer look. And yes – spoiler alert – I’ll be joining the Challenge 🙂

What is the Teachable Creator Challenge?

What is Teachable?

Before I get into what the Teachable Creator Challenge is, I should probably back up and explain a bit more about what Teachable itself is. This platform allows you to create and host your own online course. With Teachable you’ll not only be able to create a multimedia curriculum that will engage your students but can also create a website and sales page that will bring more users to your school.

Some other notable features of Teachable include the ability to offer special coupons and promotions as well as manage your own affiliate program so that you can reward others for helping spread the word about your course. Additionally the platform supports multiple pricing schemes, including one-time payments and recurring subscriptions. Of course, Teachable also provides a number of analytics tools to not only help you monitor your sales but also view completion rates for your students along with other important data.

All in all, Teachable is one of several platforms in the growing online course space, but one that has received good word of mouth. While I have yet to personally build a course on the site, Teachable is the option I hear discussed most often by the creators I look up to the most, including Pat Flynn . One things for sure, though: with more than 68,000 instructors reportedly offering upwards of 186,000 courses to over 18 million students, if you do choose to join Teachable, you certainly won’t be alone.

2019 Teachable Creator Challenge

As I just mentioned, I haven’t taken the step of actually starting a Teachable course of my own, but it’s something I was strongly considering for awhile now. Luckily for me, the upcoming Creator Challenge seems to offer the perfect opportunity to get started. Promising community, accountability, inspiration, and — oh yes — prizes, the promotion aims to get you from square one to up and profiting over the course of 90 days (June 1st through August 31st).

Education, community, guest mentors, and more

The first big perk of joining the Teachable Creator Challenge is that you’ll gain access to the site’s TeachableU platform, which will help walk you through what you need to know when building your course. What’s also cool is that Teachable is expecting thousands of creators to participate in the event, meaning there will be plenty of people going through the experience of creating and selling a course at the same time. To capitalize on this community, Teachable will be hosting an exclusive participant Facebook group where you can solicit feedback, gain accountability, and get inspired by your peers.

Speaking of getting inspired, another highlight of the challenge is that Teachable will be inviting a number of successful creators to offer advice and engage in Q&As. These special guests include the aforementioned Pat Flynn,  as well as Nicole Walters, Ramit Sethi, Carrie Green, Melyssa Griffin, and more. This promises to be a great opportunity to get actionable tips for creating and marketing your course from some incredibly successful creators and business owners.


On top of the cool community element that will come with the Creator Challenge, there will also be the opportunity to win prizes. First up are a selection of milestone prizes where creators will earn gifts when they reach certain achievements, such as publishing their course, getting their first student, earning your first sale, scoring $1,000 in sales during the challenge, and more. These prizes include some fun swag as well as helpful tools and software you can put to good use.

Aside from the milestone awards, there will also be a grand prize for those creators who earn the most sales and sign up the most students during the challenge. These top performers will be invited to what Teachable is calling a Mastermind Weekend. This includes an all expenses paid trip to New York City worth approximately $4,000. Of course, beyond that valuable perk, you’ll also have the chance to meet, network, and potentially collaborate with other top creators.

Even if this grand prize sounds out of reach, it’s nice to know that there are other prizes up for grabs that anyone can obtain. Sure they may be small, but they could be motivating nonetheless. Besides, who couldn’t use a new mug?

How to Participate in the Teachable Creator Challenge

Now that you have a better idea of what the Teachable Creator Challenge will entail, how do you participate? It’s actually fairly simple: just sign-up for a paid Teachable plan before the event start date of June 1st. Teachable subscriptions start at $39 a month for the basic tier, although you can get that down to $29 a month if you pay for full year upfront. While there will be additional perks for those who sign up for the Professional plan ($99 a month), any paid plan purchase made before June 1st will include Creator Challenge entry.

Free on-demand masterclass

Obviously there’s still a lot to know about the Creator Challenge as well as the Teachable platform in general. That’s why the site is hosting a free on-demand webinar discussing everything you need to know before you join. In addition to looking at the benefits that online courses offer, the masterclass also explores ways to develop your idea, build your materials, market your course, and more.

As mentioned, this masterclass is being offered on-demand, but you will need to register and select a timeslot. The webinar runs for about 45-minutes so, once you’re all registered, go ahead and settle in. If, after the presentation, you do choose to join the challenge — again — just make sure to sign up before June 1st.

If you (like me) have ever considered building your own online course but haven’t actually gotten around to doing it, the Teachable Creator Challenge could be the perfect opportunity to get started. Between the built-in community that will surely help keep you motivated to the potential to earn fun prizes, this 90-day promotion sounds like a big win. For those reasons, I definitely intend on checking out the free webinar and hopefully joining the Creator Challenge for myself.

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This will be a great platform which you could start your online course but not quite familiar with the things you must do.

It can certainly bring more people to share and teach their expertise that can also be more accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

When starting something new its always great to have a community which you can help each other. I think It’s whats good about this challenge.

If you know you have something to share, why not start your own course and earn while helping others.

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